Hello there. Here I’ll blog about, hm, anything.

For starters, I’ll release a series of posts on how I created this blog, more specifically on the technology used for it being here.

This is a static blog, built using Jekyll. Jekyll is a Ruby gem which transforms all your content written in Markdown and Liquid templates into a static website (HTML and CSS). The source code for this blog can be found here.

The blog is hosted on AWS and all AWS services are managed using Cloudformation (CFN). For generating CFN templates I am using Sparkleformation (SFN). SFN is also a Ruby gem which has its own Ruby-based DSL for representing CFN templates. It makes templates reusable and simpler to read and write. The source code for the SFN used to build this infrastructure can be found here.

I’ll try to cover as well some CI/CD topics, and my intent is that both repositories will be tested, built and deployed by TravisCI.

That’s it for now.